Police issue warning to drivers

Police have issued warnings to motorists committing parking offences outside primary schools.

Scores of driving offences have been reported to the police, including illegal parking on double yellow lines and near junctions uring drop off and pick up times.

Those caught, the police have warned, could face Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £30.

On the Lisburn PSNI Facebook page, some residents reported of ‘nightmare challenges’ they face on a daily basis.

Benet Coyle said, “I would strongly suggest looking at parking around St Aloysius, Ballinderry Road and Hazeldene.

“It’s a nightmare to see what’s coming when exiting Hazledene due to inconsiderate and downright dangerous parking.

“Only a matter of time before there’s a serious incident.”

Barbara Kirk, who lives near a local primary school said parking problems has been an ongoing issue.

“Think every school is the same,” she posted on Facebook. “We live quite close to Pond Park. Parents dropping their kids off to school show no consideration at all. The speed at which the parents race past my house is ridiculous.”

Jim Stafford posted, “At every school, every day, every area cars causing chaos dropping off children. Bad tempered mums and dads creating road rage leading to potential RTA’S.”

He urged the police to apply the law vigourously and publicly.

Ken Browne posted, “Check out junction of Chestnut Hall cars always parked to close to junction, have nearly been hit a few times coming out in the evenings onto main road.”

Meanwhile Pamela Thompson urged the police to check Harmony Hill Primary School.

Maureen Boal claimed, “At Brownlee PS there ain’t much room considering there is public parking. You never can get parked to drop your kids off or pick them up coz public using the parking for going shopping so u have to park on single and double lines to get the kids in through school gates,”

A spokesperson for the police appealed to motorists to show consideration and warned anyone found blocking an entrance or parking 15 metres from an entrance will face a £30 fine. Officers will be actively identifying any drivers causing an obstruction.