Police issue warning to drivers - and instruction to snowball sergeants

Local police have urged drivers to take extra care on the roads this morning (Saturday) after the overnight snowfall - with several accidents already.

A spokesman said there were reports of cars off the road and issued the following advice:

“Drivers: make sure you clear the snow fully from your windows before you drive. You need to have full visibility. If you don’t see the pedestrian, or the car brake suddenly in front of you... snow isn’t an excuse if you could have cleared it. Also, slow down!!

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In a facebook post the spokesman added: “There is ice, as I found out on my way round Church Place... Thankfully, I was going slowly enough to keep control.”

They also had some good advice for children and a tongue in cheek instruction about police sergeants:

“Kids, some snow banter rules you need to be aware of:

“1) Never throw snow balls at cars or cyclists. If you cause them to have an accident or damage their vehicle, you will be held responsible.

“2) Don’t throw snow balls at someone who you don’t know, or who doesn’t fancy a snow ball fight. Technically, that’s assault.”

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“3) If you see police officers with arrow shaped stripes on their shoulders, they are Sergeants. Sergeants love snow ball fights! In fact I think the word ‘Sergeant’ is derived from the Latin term ‘snowball warrior’. They love it.

“So, to recap- slow down, clear your car windows, don’t throw snowballs at cars, do throw snowballs at Sergeants. Have fun, but stay safe!”

We are awaiting news of just what cruel and unusual revenge said sergeants will exact!

And yes, our picture was taken from the author’s front door. You don’t think I’m taking my car out in that on my day off?

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