Police search for man who robbed woman at local petrol station

A woman has been left 'traumatised' after she was robbed near a filling station on the Nettle Hill Road, Lisburn this morning (Tuesday).
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Editorial image.

Police sniffer dogs have been deployed in the search for a man that is on going.

Local Councillor Jonathan Craig told the Ulster Star that he had been in the area to discuss a planning issue, arriving shortly after the incident had occurred.

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He said that police are in the area with sniffer dogs, he believed that the woman had been threatened by a male wearing a hoodie before she was robbed.

Mr Craig said: “This is a huge shock for the local community, it is unheard of. I’m deeply disappointed that somebody would do this.

“Clearly this has traumatised this woman and could have seriously injured her. She was threatened physical violence and this is absolutely unacceptable type of behaviour.

“I commend police for their response, it’s good that they have used every resource they have to try and track this man.

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“I just hope they catch him, and then put him through the courts. There is no place in society for this.

“I just want to say to the people of Nettle Hill to be extra vigilant while this man is at large, be cautious and secure your homes.”