‘Census figures highlight need for Irish Passport Office’ – Molloy

Sinn Féin Mid Ulster MP Francie Molly MP has said the huge rise in people holding Irish passports is "a clear indication of the need for an Irish Passport Office in the north."

Speaking after Census 2021 revealed a staggering 63% rise in Irish passports over the last ten years, the Mid Ulster MP said: “Figures released in the 2021 Census revealed a huge rise in the number of people who have now become Irish passport holders in comparison to ten years ago.

“There is now a clear need for an Irish Passport Office in the north to help meet the rising demand for Irish passport services.

“Our offices have been inundated over recent months with people seeking help with passport applications due to the backlogs.

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy who is calling for an Irish Passport Office to be opened following the latest Census.

“It’s time for the Irish government to accept that investing in a passport office in the north to assist the huge number of applicants who live here, is common sense.

“Sinn Féin will again write to Minister Simon Coveney to highlight the importance of this office, not only to help applicants, but also take the pressure off staff.”

Five years ago Mid Ulster District carried a motion calling on the Irish government to set up a Passport Office in the district. Sinn Fein’s Dominic Molloy said Mid Ulster was in a prime position to cater to those with Irish passport issues across the north of the island.

Citing the huge increase in Irish passport applications from Northern Ireland since Brexit, he said an ‘Oifig na bpasanna’ in the area would also be easier reached by citizens in Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo as well as Irish citizens across Ulster.

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