Cookstown 100 centenary: call for Mid Ulster Council to support special year

Mid Ulster District Council is to liaise with organisers of the Cookstown 100 motorcycling road race to see if the local authority can provide organisers with additional funding to help it celebrate its centenary.

This year marks the popular motorbike event’s centenary and speaking at a meeting of the development committee, Councillor Kyle Black asked if the council could provide additional financial support to allow the event to mark the occasion.

“This year marks the 100th year of the Cookstown 100 and the organisers are quite keen to mark this centenary,” said Cllr Black.

“I know Council does support the Cookstown 100 financially already. However, with these further events that they would like to see take place this year I would just ask if it is possible for officers to go away and have a look to see if there is any further funding that could be tapped into or redirected to assist with the celebrations.”

Paul Jordan leads Michael Sweeney in practice at the Cookstown 100 last September.

The Chair of the committee, Councillor Dominic Molloy confirmed officers would explore what could be done to assist organisers arrange events to mark the occasion and a council officer confirmed discussion would take place with the events organisers.

“In relation to grant funding, it will be the grants process as normal but in relation to additional receptions and events to mark the centenary, we can certainly link in with the organisers and see what we can do.”