Former Knockagh councillor ‘overwhelmed’ by messages of support

Former councillor May Beattie has vowed to continue to champion the cause of Knockagh residents despite losing her seat earlier this month.
May Beattie.May Beattie.
May Beattie.

The veteran local politician stood for the TUV after failing to be nominated on the DUP ticket for the Mid and East Antrim Council poll.

A first preference vote of 328 saw her lose out after more than two decades on council.

Thanking the people of Knockagh who trusted her to work on their behalf, Mrs Beattie, an ex-Mayor of Carrick, said: “I’m overwhelmed by the number of phone calls, cards and people approaching me since the election, who couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to represent them as a DUP candidate. Due to circumstances beyond my control that didn’t happen.

“However, the TUV gave me the opportunity to stand as a candidate and represent the true voice of Unionism. Unfortunately, as a TUV candidate I was not successful in the election.

“I want to thank those who helped me in my campaign and supported me on May 2. Since then I have been approached by local people who still require my help, I have been able to use my knowledge and experience to signpost them to the correct agencies to assist them. As a TUV member I will continue, where possible, to work locally on the ground, to improve the lives and services of local people.”

The five-seat DEA returned Alliance, DUP (2) Independent and UUP cllrs.