Entire contents of students’ house dumped in Portstewart

THE entire contents of a student house were dumped on the front lawn in Portstewart, according to a disgusted local councillor.

DUP man Mark Fielding said it was the “worst case of dumping he’d seen in a well known student accomodation area of the resort.

“On the weekend of 15-16 June while I was driving into this area I saw what appeared to be the entire portable contents of the inside of a house dumped onto the small front lawn,” he told the Times in a statement.

“It was disgrace - bed settees, chairs, duvets, bed linen, television, radio cassette player, among just some of the things that could be seen.

“On the Monday I telephoned Coleraine Borough Council Environmental Department who contacted the letting agency. The Council also took photographs of the dumping.

“The landord was informed and arrangements where made for the dumping to be cleared away.”

Councillor Fielding claimed that there had been a number of anti-social behaviour incidents at the same location during the student year.

“Coleraine Borough Council put a lot of time and resources into this area including extra bin collections in this area.

It appears that some students have no regard for the area that they part reside in for a short time in their life.

Students must take responsibility in looking after the property that they are tenants in, but also Landlords could be more diligent throughout the student year and should visit their property before the students leave at the end of their term.”