Merron to stand for People Before Profit in East Londonderry election

People Before Profit East Londonderry branch have selected Amy Merron as their candidate for the May Assembly Elections.

The 25-year-old psychology student and mum of two said: “I am pleased to announce that I have been selected as the candidate for East Derry in the May Assembly Elections to join People Before Profit candidates in Foyle, West Tyrone and Belfast North, East, South, and West.

“I am an eco-socialist activist, a mum of two, and a university student who has been working with people on the ground in this constituency and across Northern Ireland.

“The people of East Derry are being failed on all fronts. House prices are skyrocketing and rental accommodation is hard to find.

Amy Merron
Amy Merron
Amy Merron

“We have the highest levels of mental ill-health in the UK but have spent the least trying to address the crisis. Our health service is being driven into the ground.

“Energy bosses are filling their pockets whilst people are forced to choose between heating or eating. Workers are taking action to demand fair pay and better working conditions whilst MPs and MLAs are getting pay rises.

“We have seen that change is possible but it won’t come from the political establishment, it will come from ordinary people, campaigners, and activists.

“It’s about time that we had more socialists in Stormont to amplify these struggles.

“People Before Profit have a long record of community campaigning, fighting for workers’ rights, equality, and environmental justice, and they offer an alternative to the stale politics of the establishment parties.

“Make sure that you are registered to vote before April 14 and vote Amy Merron No1 to put people before profit on May 5.”

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