Potential for accidents at Pennybridge junction raised with TransportNI

The potential for accidents at the Ballee Road east/Pennybridge Junction on the outskirts of Ballymena has been raised with TransportNI.

Paul Frew at the Junction

DUP Assemblyman Paul Frew says there is a significant element of driver confusion about the stretch of road.

Mr. Frew explained: “I have been contacted by several people who have come close to having an accident at this junction. This part of the road has witnessed many transformations and continues to go through changes.

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“It used to be the main dual carriageway travelling to Ballee Roundabout then it effectively became a rear access into the industrial estate. Drivers could just swing right into Pennybridge without too much worry about traffic with Road service using the defunct part of the road as a storage space for additional grit.

“However, now the Junction is much more lively with the road opening up again with the construction site entrance bringing with it confusion and potential for traffic accidents to arise.”

Mr. Frew asked TransportNI to consider right of ways and signage & road markings to ensure compliance.

“For clarification, TransportNI have stated that motorists travelling along Ballee Road East from the direction of the construction site have right of way over those motorists wishing to turn right into Pennybridge industrial estate and vehicles should use the centre reservation as normal when waiting to cross.

“They have agreed to consider refreshing the existing road markings at the Junction.”