Preserving heritage'˜fairy well' in Glynn

The Fairy Well in GlynnThe Fairy Well in Glynn
The Fairy Well in Glynn
The efforts of local residents in Glynn are ensuring that the heritage of the village is preserved for future generations.

The village community group is behind a project to highlight an old drinking trough on the south side of the village which is known to senior members of the community as ‘the fairy well’.

The trough is at the junction of Rectory Road and Shore Road, and in recent days, a special sign has been installed describing it as ‘The Fairy Well’.

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Sonia Glover, of the local community group, said that it would have been used to water horses in the days of horses and carts.

“It was a drinking trough for horses long before cars, and older people have referred to it as a fairy well,” she said.

“In the 1960s, some people have memories of people taking their cars out there to wash them as well.

“The group thought it would be a good idea to have the sign with the name erected and there will be flowers placed around it to landscape it,” she explained.

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“It is part of the history from the old days, and we thought it was good to preserve it,” Sonia said.

The community group obtained a grant to carry out the work at the old trough, which will augment other efforts to brighten up the area and preserve its heritage.

The village already has one of the old mill wheels located adjacent to the main road, where it is particularly eye- catching when the hundreds of daffodils around it are in bloom.

“The waterwheel is also part of the project, it is the only one which has survived from the four mills which used to exist in the village,” Sonia explained.