Pride of Knockmore 40th anniversary draws to a close

The Pride Of Knockmore FB are coming to the end of their 40th anniversary year and would like to take this opportunity in thanking the prople of Lisburn for their continued support.The year has had many highs for the band from their 40th anniversary dinner where the band enjoyed a great nite full of nostalga and meeting up with alot of ex members to the mayors reception to finishing the year with the act of rememberance parade. The band is now looking to the future and 2016 promises to be just as good with a trip to Glasgow planned for March and their first ever Lisburn City Marching Bands Festival in May. If anyone would like to consider joining the band either learning an instrument or getting back into a band they will be made very welcome.

The band also accepts female flautists.ring 07821756888 or contact any band member through social media.