£2,257 spent doing up McGlinchey’s quarters

THE Prison Service has spent £2,257 refurbishing Glen House in Maghaberry in order to accommodate the Old Bailey bomber Marian McGlinchey - whose licence was revoked by the Secretary of State Owen Paterson earlier this year after she was charged with encouraging support for an illegal organisation following a dissident republican rally in Londonderry on Easter Sunday.

Justice Minister David Ford advised that McGlinchey, aged 57, was the sole prisoner in Glen House but that the £2k refurbishment would benefit any other separated female prisoners held there in future.

The former IRA hungerstriker was separately charged in July in connection with the murders of Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey at Massereene barracks in Antrim in March 2009.

This was two months after Mr Paterson revoked her licence for encouraging support for an illegal organisation following the Londonderry rally this Easter.

The refurbishment of Glen House included the installation of TVs. DVD players, a computer, pictures, vanity units, picnic tables and summers seats amongst other general items. Some of the items were provided at no additional cost to the Prison Service.

Mr Ford explained: “Glen House in Maghaberry Prison has been set aside as a dedicated facility for female prisoners and has been refurbished to provide Ms McGlinchey with a regime and environment which is, as far as possible, consistent with that available to female prisoners in Ash House, Hydebank Wood.”

McGlinchey’s cell has been fitted with a flat screen TV/DVD combi; a computer; curtains/duvet set; and lamp/mat/cushions.

A recreation room in the unit has been fitted with a carpet; sofa; table/chairs; flat screenTV/unit/digi box/DVD player; coffee table; book case; uplighter; three pictures; three pairs of curtains; and a mat.

An interview room has been furnished with a pair of curtains; carpet; two pictures. A microwave has been installed in the kitchen.

A vanity unit and mirror has been installed in the ablutions area whilst urinals have been removed and sealed off and a bath has been sealed off using sheets of plywood.

Two pictures have also been hung in the stairwell and a picnic bench, summer seat and dozens of flowers have been planted in the exercise yard.

Mr Ford stated: “The total cost is for the refurbishment of Glen house was £2257.00.”

He added: “Ms McGlinchey is the sole occupant of Glen House and currently the only prisoner to benefit from the refurbishment. The facilities will benefit any other female separated prisoners committed to custody.”

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