£70k classic Jaguar with a Coleraine connection

A car owner from England is trying to trace the history of his beloved 1960s Jaguar car which has a strong Coleraine connection.

Peter Spruce, who lives in Towcester, Northamptonshire, about four miles from Silverstone circuit, says the classic vehicle was originally owned by Peerage Bottlers Ltd of Coleraine.

During his search for information about the car Peter came across a story about the local company on Coleraine Times online which we carried last year.

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Peter told us: “I am the fortunate owner of a 1963 Jaguar E-type.

“I bought it from a classic car dealer in Hampshire and it is valued at £70k, which compares with the original selling price when new of about £2,200.

“I am trying to piece together its history, from some very patchy paperwork. I know the first owner was Peerage Bottlers Ltd of Coleraine.

“The car was registered as new to Peerage Bottlers Ltd in 1963, with the registration number 2543 KZ - this registration is still with the car.

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“I understand the company no longer exists so I cannot find out director names etc. But I suspect some of your readers may remember the vehicle - as such a car in 1963 must have attracted a lot of attention.

“The original dealer was Malcolm Templeton of Ballymena, a notable local personality, I think - not just because of his garage business but he was also President of the Classic Vehicle Club.

“The original colour was dark blue metallic with a grey interior but at some point in the late 1970s or early 1980s, it was sprayed red.

“It was completely and beautifully restored (at huge cost) around 2001 and taken back to its original colour but with a black interior.

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“I think the car spent almost its entire life in the area of Belfast, because old MOTs and invoices show places like Ballymena, Carryduff, Aghalee, Crossgar, Hillsborough etc.

“My search is not helped by the fact that I live in England and the car spent almost its entire life in Northern Ireland.

“I would be grateful for any assistance you can provide either on the car, Peerage Bottlers or the original dealers.

“I have some history with owners names.

“I have managed in the last couple of days to track down one very helpful past-owner - going back about 20 years, although it is incomplete) but any further information would be fantastic.

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“I would be particularly delighted if anybody knows anything about the car before about 1985, because prior to this I have virtually nothing.

“I have waited over thirty years to buy an E-Type so there is no chance of me selling it!

Peerage Bottlers Ltd was situated on the site of the old shirt factory at Beresford Road.

The building was originally Rogers Shirt and Collar Works and the factory operated between 1894 and 1958. It lay empty for a while after Rogers closed until the bottling plant was installed on the ground floor.

Anyone who can help shed light on Peter’s car can call our news desk on 028 703 57610 or e-mail [email protected]