Pupils have fun building Titanic models

THE PRIMARY six classes at King’s Park Primary School had fun in creating their own model of the Titanic.

‘The Unsinkable Titanic is one of the main topics covered in Primary six in King’s Park.

The pupils worked together to create large scale junk models of the ship, complete with passengers.

One student said, “I really enjoyed the whole process of making our class Titanic but I have to say I enjoyed making the passengers the most.

My favourite passenger was ‘The Unsinkable’ Molly Brown.”

Another said, “It was a great class project a great class project and took a lot of work but it was worth it in the end.

“It is a great piece of art work and I am proud of it.”

The model ship was made mainly out of recycled materials by all of each class with the help of their teachers.

Each year King’s Park run an Easter bonnet competition for the pupils to take part in.

This competition has one rule, the pupil must be able to wear their hat or ‘bonnet’.

Many of the students decided to follow the same trend, making their hats in the shape of the Titanic.