Radio 2 airplay for local busker Josh

Lisburn busker Josh Cormican got a major boost to his music career last week when his song ‘Dreamer’ was played by Dermot O’Leary on his Radio 2 Saturday show.

Twenty-year-old Josh is a familiar sight and sound to anyone who shops in Lisburn, as he is often seen busking in Bow Street.

Now his music has reached a whole new audience, with listeners giving great feedback after their first listen to the Lisburn singer’s tune.

As well as playing ‘Dreamer’, Dermot O’Leary also spoke to Josh’s mum MaryJane on the popular slot ‘Some Mothers Do Indie’, which attracts some 13 million listeners.

Despite admitting to being nervous, MaryJane took the opportunity to talk about her son’s music and thanked Dermot for his support.

“I met Josh before,” Dermot informed his listeners.

“He auditioned for the X Factor last year and got through to the second stage of bootcamp.”

“You gave him the enthusiasm to continue with his music,” Mary Jane told Dermot, thanking him for the support he has given Josh.

“Since X Factor he has been busking to earn a bit of money to get into the recording studio.

“He has recorded about thirty tracks and four have been finalised for the EP but we can’t afford to press them.

“He played his first festival recently at Tanglewood,” added MaryJane.

“Now all we need is for someone to take him off our hands!”

Encouraging listeners to check out Josh’s music on iTunes, where he can be found under the name ‘Little Boy Josh Cormican’, Dermot said he hoped he would be successful and told him to “keep grafting.”

As well as featuring on Radio 2, Josh’s debut EP has been favourably reviewed on Radio Ulster and played on ‘Across The Line’.

Josh was joined in the studio at Narrow Water Castle by Steve Fearnley, Colly Cranney, Tom Newman and Justin Grant and he is justifiably proud of his debut offering.

The four tracks on the new EP are ‘Heart of Gold’, ‘Dreamers’, the track played by Dermot on Radio 2, ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Who Let the Light Out’.

“It is a very different sound,” said Josh.

“We are trying to make something a bit distinctive and as original as possible.”

To find out more about Josh and his music, join him on Facebook at

You can download his music on iTunes and Amazon by searching for ‘Little Boy Josh Cormican’.