Rail corridor up for debate

THE Assembly has been told that a study carried out on behalf of the Northern Railways Corridor Group has been tabled at a meeting of the North/South Ministerial Council.

Speaking in the Assembly on Monday the Minister for Regional Development Conor Murphy said: "Ministers noted the completion of the Northern Railway Corridor Development study and the main findings and recommendations of the report. The main focus of the report is on development potential along the Ballymena-Derry railway line."

East Derry SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat, who is a member of the Northern Railway Group, emphasised to the Minister the need to bring forward for implementation the main findings and recommendations of the railway group so that there is a real possibility of a first-class intercity service with the potential for onward development on a cross-border basis.

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"The Northern Corridor Group, made up of seven councils along the track have put their political differences to one side to achieve a result which will bring enormous benefits to everyone who lives within distance of the railway which first opened in 1852 but was sadly neglected during a period when there was little regard for the environment and a serious disregard for the benefits of rail travel."