Ratepayers owed £10m in unpaid rates

LONDONDERRY ratepayers owed £10,094,000 in unpaid rates for the year 2010 as at March 31.

The equivalent figures for 2008 and 2009 were £8,322,000 and £9,682,000 respectively.

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson released the information in response to an Assembly Question.

He explained: “The rates unpaid by District Council area at the end of each rating year are published in the Land & Property Services Annual Report and Accounts.

“LPS systems are not able to provide a breakdown by District Council area prior to 2008. The LPS Annual Report and Accounts for 2010-11 is currently being finalised and is expected to be laid in the Assembly at the end of June.”

He said the figures above were cumulative figures of debt outstanding at each date and include debt carried forward from previous years.

“Land & Property Services continues to pursue all unpaid rates, whilst recognising the genuine financial difficulties being experienced by many ratepayers. The Agency seeks to agree payment arrangements with ratepayers where possible but will otherwise take legal action against debtors,” he stated.