Raw sewage coming out of family’s shower

A Seymour Hill woman has been left reeling after being left for nine days with raw sewage coming out of her shower.

Sewage coming from the plug hole

Every time Shelbie Heaslie, from Lilac Walk, in Dunmurry and her husband flush the toilet raw sewage has been flowing out of the plug hole in the shower.

Shelbie, who is five months pregnant and has a two-year-old, claims that three plumbers have come out to try to unblock the pipes but it has still not been fixed and she has blamed the Housing Executive for not doing enough in dealing with the problem.

The family has even been forced to move from their home to live with relatives after her daughter Amelia and husband became violently sick this week.

“There has already been three plumbers out looking at our pipes with another planning on coming out (Wednesday) but as yet it has still not been fixed,” she said.

“If the toilet is flushed then raw sewage comes out of the shower.

“I was assured that it was fixed on Friday but when I went into the shower again I was standing in filthy water.

“I am five months pregnant with a two year old and this has been going on for over a week.

“One of the times that the plumbers wanted to come out I told him that I had a doctor’s appointment but they came anyway.

“We do not put anything other than toilet roll down the toilet so I cannot understand what the blockage is.

“I have to keep the bathroom door closed and the windows open but you can still smell the stench.

“My brother was outside and wondered how we can possibly live here.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said, “Our contractors are onsite this afternoon (Wednesday).

“However, it should be noted that we have had significant difficulties in contacting the tenant and gaining access to this property to deal with the repair requested. Additionally, there is an issue with excrement from dogs in the tenant’s back-yard.”