Registrar General urges Census participation

THE Registrar General for Northern Ireland, Norman Caven, has urged everyone in Londonderry to get behind the 2011 Census.

Emphasising the importance of the Census to the future development of services, Dr Caven said: “It is essential that everyone in Northern Ireland engages with the Census.

“The information collected will affect future policy on important services such as houses, schools and roads. That’s why it is so important everyone is counted.

“As highlighted in the advertising campaign the results of the Census will help tomorrow take shape.

People can also support the Census by encouraging their friends and other people they know – perhaps elderly neighbours - to complete the questionnaire or get any help they may need. Census forms were posted to households across Northern Ireland on the 14th March.

“If you or someone you know has yet to receive a form or will need help with completion you can contact the Census helpline on 0300 0201 120.”

Patrick Loughran the Census Area Manager for Londonderry said: “A Census questionnaire has been sent to every household in Northern Ireland, over 760,000 households.

“The form should be completed on Sunday 27th March or as soon as possible afterwards – either completed online or posted back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

“Locally the Census will be supported by myself as Census Area Manager, and other staff who will also be available to assist any household that has difficulty in completing and returning their questionnaire.”