Remember,routine is key

START finding your routine again near the end of the holidays.

Try and prepare in advance. Then you won't be in a panic buying uniforms and so on at the last minute - this way you can shop around for the best deals.

It is OK for you and your kids to feel the 'back to school blues'. But if you feel that your child seems too worried or apprehensive, make sure you take a quiet time out to ask if they are OK.

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Talk about change.

Whether it is a new school or a change in your family's circumstances, make time to talk about any fears or worries.

Why not visit the school to get your child used to the new journey.

Your child may be worried about losing friends who are going to a different secondary school or about making new friends.

You could try inviting an old school friend round for tea at the end of the first week so they can compare notes.

Tell your child you are proud of them.

If your child is about to start an important year such as GCSEs or first year at secondary school, they need a bit more reassurance.

Re-address any problems left over from last term.

If your child has experienced bullying or has had problems at school, make sure you understand what they want to happen too - even if it just means talking about it.

Be prepared to give them a bit of leeway for the first week.

School can be a long day for kids and when they are out of practice it can be exhausting.