Review of parking in Hillsborough village

The Roads Service has revealed that it will carry out a review of parking and waiting times in Hillsborough village.

Parking has always proved to be a contentious issue in the popular village and the review will aim to address some of those concerns.

In a letter to Lisburn City Council, the Roads Service traffic manager said: “Roads Service has been asked to increase the time limit on parking within the Hillsborough village in order to facilitate, for example, a long stay in a restaurant.

“The current limited waiting is one hour and no return within one hour in the areas of Main Street, Lisburn Street and Ballynahinch Street.

“We would propose to increase the limited waiting time to two hours with no return within one hour,” he concluded.

Downshire Councillor Luke Poots welcomed the review. “The increase of an hour within Main Street, Lisburn Street and Ballynahinch Street will mean people can stay longer in restaurants, coffee shops etc.

“Also those visiting the area will be able to take more time around Hillsborough, whether it be in the shops or enjoying the beautiful scenery,” he said.

“Having met with local traders I know that this is an important issue to them. Increased parking times is a step in the right direction,” concluded Mr Poots.