RNLI crew tows dinghy to safety at Portballintrae

Portrush Inshore Lifeboat came to the aid of a dinghy in difficulty at Portballintrae on Sunday.

Portrush Lifeboat
Portrush Lifeboat
Portrush Lifeboat

The crew quickly arrived on scene, and transferred the casualty onto the lifeboat. They then attached a towrope to the dinghy, which they proceeded to tow into Portballintrae harbour.

Robin Cardwell Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “This is the type of incident our ILB crews are trained to respond to. We are glad we could get quickly onto scene and get the casualty back to Harbour”.

Conditions at the time of the incident were good with a stiff offshore wind and a relatively calm sea.

The casualty was unharmed.

In a seperate incident the Portrush Inshore Lifeboat and All-weather Lifeboat were called out on Saturday afternoon following reports of an overturned catamaran at the East Strand.

The Inshore volunteer lifeboat crew arrived on scene first, they got two casualties on board and then requested the All-weather lifeboat boat to be launched to assist with the towing of the catamaran back to Harbour so it would not pose to risk to other vessels.

Robin Cardwell commented: “This has been a busy week for our crew and the Lifeguards, and this is a perfect example of the RNLI rescue services working together for a great outcome.”