Ronnie thanks ‘good samaritans’ for help

A Ballymena man with mobility problems has extended his sincere thanks to the police officers and a member of the public who came to his aid when the scooter he was travelling on lost all power, leaving him stranded in the middle of a town centre zebra crossing.

The incident happened on the May Bank Holiday Monday as Ronnie Irwin was riding over the crossing at Parkway, close to the Fairhill Shopping Centre.

“The scooter just died on me and I was left sitting on the crossing,” said Ronnie, from Waveney Road.

“A passer-by stopped with me and pushed it back on to the footpath for me which was great but then it started to rain and I realised I was in a bit of a dilemma.

“I tried ringing the office where I hired the scooter a couple of times but it was engaged so I said to myself ‘I’ll just have to phone the police’.

“I explained what had happened to them and they were out with me in 15 minutes. I honestly thought they would say that it wasn’t an emergency or a police matter but they couldn’t have been nicer,” said Ronnie.

“A lady constable asked me if I would like a lift back home and the other constable checked the scooter over and told me the battery had completely died. Then he pushed the scooter all the way back to the hire centre for me.

“I just couldn’t believe the kindness of people, it really has restored my faith and I just want to say ‘thank-you’ to them,” said Ronnie.