‘Same old, same old’ from John Finlay

Dear Sir,

I was amazed to see Councillor John Finlay raising his annual ‘rant’ with regard to the flags in Dunloy.

Is John Finlay part of the DUP or a mere satellite of the Ballymoney DUP Branch?

Every year we hear the ‘same old same old’ from Cllr Finlay.

John if your reading this: “Yes! We know you are still here in Ballymoney, there is no need to let us know and not on this subject “ .

It’s starting to get boring and I suggest instead of focusing on a few flags, and I point out the same flags as every year, please concentrate on the debacle that is Ballymoney.

What about Riverside Park? What about the closed shops? What about the cancelled MUGA area in the Glebeside Estate that was promised last year?

I believe even after the DUP Mervyn Storey MLA’s assertions that the MUGA would go ahead at this week’s council meeting the Director of Borough Services confirmed that there was no money this year to proceed and scepticism that it could proceed even in the following year.

Which brings me to my conclusions, was it not so long ago his colleague Mayor Ian Stevenson was in Dublin wearing a hurling shirt and standing for the Soliders Song whilst qualifying his position and purporting to be a ‘Mayor for all’?

Should John Finlay not take a leaf out of his book and be a ‘councillor for all’ because a little birdy tells me he might want to be the next Mayor.

After all, next month there will be a large among of a different coloured flag flying all over this Borough and he has left the door open for acusations of ‘blatant sectarian aggression’ now from our Republican neighbours and it is he who has given them the argument to further dilute the strong loyalist traditions we hold dear in this Borough.

I cannot believe this is the same DUP we have voted for all these years but as now an ex-DUP voter I cannot wait until they come knocking looking for our votes.

(Name and address supplied)

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