Schoolchildren to help Liam Neeson name Ballymena's new outdoor hub

Liam NeesonLiam Neeson
Liam Neeson
Primary school children in Ballymena have just two weeks to help Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson name an iconic new meeting place in the heart of the town.

Work is ongoing on Ballymena’s ultra-modern outdoor entertainment and creativity

hub, marking the final stage of a multi-million pound investment in the Co Antrim town.

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Earlier this month, A-list actor Liam - star of a string of blockbuster movies, including The Phantom Menace, Schindler’s List and Taken, launched a competition to find a suitable name for Broadway’s latest attraction.

And local kids have been encouraged to get their suggestions to Ballymena-born Liam by Tuesday May 8, so the hometown hero can pick his favourite.

He said: “The name Ballymena derives from the Irish and means ‘middle town’.

“Indeed, our wee town sits in the middle of Northern Ireland: the centre of.

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“How appropriate that a wonderful new structure will be erected right, bang in

the middle of the town to be used as a gathering place, a place to shop, be

entertained, meet the neighbours for a chat and a catch-up - set the world to


“And also, more importantly, to show the world that we won’t sit and ‘lick our

wounds’ at losing two vital factory industries.

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“We look forward to the future, welcome it, adapt and attract new business

initiatives. This beautiful, yet simple structure symbolises all that and more. Many


He signed his statement to council: ‘Liam Neeson, OBE and proud son of


Parents, schools and youth clubs are encouraged to send children’s suggestions to

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[email protected] by 5pm on Tuesday, May 8.

The new structure provides residents with a fit-for-purpose outdoor

community space, acting as a hive of activity, with a series of outdoor events

already being planned to promote culture and the arts.

Council is currently working on plans for several superb events for all the family at

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the new space, including summer markets and performances, which will bring

more people into the town centre and create an excellent atmosphere around


If anyone wishes to contact Council in relation to the public realm scheme, email