Sectarian assault and child abduction attempts raised by DUP with police chiefs

The DUP has raised a sectarian gang attack on a Protestant teenager and recent attempted child abductions in the party's monthly meeting with the PSNI in Londonderry.

A delegation from the Londonderry and Strabane DUP met with local police chiefs in the company of Foyle MLA Gary Middleton on Friday.

In a statement the party said: “In the aftermath of the shocking assaults on young Protestant boys before Christmas while socialising in the city, some new measures are being put in place after meetings with agencies.

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“More CCTV will be installed in some areas of concern and also increased lighting. It is encouraging that measures are being put in place to make everyone safer in the town centre.

“The DUP pass on again our sincere thanks to the families of the victims for coming forward and highlighting these terrible attacks which have sparked this action. The new ‘My Space’ area located close to Guildhall Square in the town centre for teenagers will be opening soon and this is also welcomed.”

Recent reported abduction attempts, including one in Newbuildings, were also discussed.

“The recent attempted abductions in the city have raised much concern for parents. This has been highlighted as a major issue for our young people. Schools and youth clubs have been warning children about stranger danger to help make them aware of what to do and how to deal with strangers,” the party stated.

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Oil thefts, car thefts and legal highs were also on the party’s radar.

“We still need people to be vigilant and although crime rates have reduced again we still have burglaries happening and police continue working with the community to help in reducing crime.

“The theft of vehicles is a concern and a pattern has emerged, this can be a major issue for business people because very expensive tools and equipment may be in work vans. All vehicle owners are encouraged to review security to try and prevent these thefts. Police resources are being used to try and track the thieves.

“Oil thefts are still happening on a regular basis. The police are keen to work with residence through PCSP to give free advice and in high risk cases provide locks. It is important all oil thefts are reported.

“The future change in legislation in relation to legal highs will hopefully be another step in the fight against dealers.”