Shirley's sequel is '˜story of mystery'

Carrick author Shirley Gault. INCT 17-483-RMCarrick author Shirley Gault. INCT 17-483-RM
Carrick author Shirley Gault. INCT 17-483-RM
Carrick author Shirley Gault has just published her fifth book in four years.

In the Midnight Hour is a collection of inspirational poems by Shirley Gault, who lost her daughter Anne to breast cancer just before Christmas in 2014.

Shirley told the Times: “Writing the poetry helped me cope with the grief, so thought I would share to maybe help others going through similar experiences.

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Shirley, who previously ran the well-known Gaults of Woodburn store, likes to explore her themes through poetry and prose.

Reflections Two was her first foray into fiction.

Beibhinn’s Quest carries on where “Another Times Another Place left off.

It is set in “post-Troubles” Belfast in 1996 and is a “story of mystery and intrigue, of danger and romance”.

It tells the story of Beibhinn Sweeney who decides to trace her roots not knowing how big a can of worms she would open.

Shirley has also appeared on local radio.

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She featured on Justin Macartney’s Show on Carrickfergus FM.

She has also offered words of help and encouragement to others on a literary journey.

“My advice to aspiring writers: write within your knowledge and for your own pleasure, getting published will be a bonus.

“Trying to get published can be very frustrating but keep trying. “Always, when writing a novel or short stories, research.”

Beibhinn’s Quest is now available on Amazon.

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