Shock at attempt to '˜steal from children'

A Dromore principal whose school was burgled last week was shocked, she said, that anyone would stoop so low as to try to steal from young children.

Dromore Nursery Principal Mrs Sharon Beattie.

In fact, whoever was responsible for the overnight burglary at Dromore Nursery School fled empty-handed, but principal Mrs Sharon Beattie was disappointed that anyone would make the attempt.

Police, meanwhile, are appealing for information following the incident, in which entry to the school was forced some time between Monday, February 1 and Tuesday, February 2 and a window was damaged.

“They broke into the main school office,” said Mrs Beattie.

“They were clearly after cash but they didn’t get anything, because there was nothing there; money’s never kept on the premises.

“I’m thankful there was no huge mess, but the experience wasn’t pleasant.

“I’m a teaching principal and it meant a lot of hassle to get the broken window fixed , and annoyance too, that people would sink to that level.

“We’re non-profit making; anything that’s here is solely for the children and anything stolen here is stolen directly from the children.

“I’m disappointed that someone would consider it okay to steal from four-year-olds.”

The break-in marks the first time Dromore Nursery School has been targeted in its 15-year history.

Mrs Beattie’s focus since the burglary has been on protecting her young pupils from anything that might shake the sense of safety and security she and her staff have built and maintained at Dromore Nursery since it opened .

“My overriding concern is the safety of the children, and their well-being,” she said.

“I don’t want them in any way affected.

“We have worked for 15 years to make Dromore Nursery School a secure environment in which everyone can feel comfortable and safe and we want to protect that.”

Police are asking anyone who has information in relation to the burglary to contact them on the non-emergency number101, quoting ref: 131 020216.