Shop local in Lisburn on Independents’ Day

Independents’ Day is a national campaign which aims to give a voice to the UK’s independent retailers.

Independents Day at Vanilla shop

This year Independent retailers in Lisburn City Centre are well and truly behind the campaign.

There will be special offers, extended sale and free gifts in participating independent stores on 4th July to thank customers for their support.

Independent stores in Lisburn will only survive if customers shop locally. When you consider the research commissioned by FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) about the value of each £1 spent locally - the reasons to shop locally become compelling and sufficient to convince most people that when they shop locally they are genuinely having a positive impact on their community!

They discovered that for every £1 spent locally around 50p - 70p of that money recirculates back into the local economy and helps create jobs.

For the same £1 spent out of town or online only 5p trickles back to the local community. When people appreciate the impact that their choice of where to spend can have we believe that more people will make an extra effort to spend more with local independent businesses. That’s why we want you to Pledge your Support for Independent Retail on 4th July and throughout 2014.

Independents’ Day encourages the public to buy at least one thing from their local, independent shop on 4th July.

The campaign champions diversity on the high street and recognises the skills behind the shop front.

Originally conceived by the National Skills Academy for Retail and now in its fourth year, the campaign has grown year on year with trade organisations such as Northern Ireland Independent Retail Trade Association (NIIRTA) declaring their support.

David McCallum, Chairman of Lisburn City Centre Management said, “Independents’ Day is more than just asking people to shop independently; it is about changing buying behaviour and rediscovering the distinctive character independent stores bring to our city centre.

“This year Lisburn City Centre Management is encouraging shoppers to make a special pledge to shop with independently owned stores in our City Centre throughout the month of July and in particular on the 4th July.

“Independent stores are the backbone of the economy and it’s our responsibility to think before we shop and dine. Let’s invest in our city centre for the future and celebrate our independents.”

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