Singers in tune with specialcelebrations

PUPILS from Carrickfergus Model Primary played their part in Saturday's Norman celebrations as they entertained visitors with a variety of choir songs.

Thirty youngsters from primary six and seven classes were asked by the BBC to perform at the event, which was organised as a joint venture between the broadcaster, the local authority and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Principal Gary Hanley said the children were delighted to be able to take part in the celebrations and described the day as “a great success” for the town.

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He added: “We were keen to support the event and it proved to be a very informative day for the children, who have learned about the Normans as part of the school’s World Around Us strand of the curriculum.

“They started singing at 10.30am and when they were finished, they were able to spend the rest of the day enjoying the event with their parents. It was a great success for not just Carrick Council, but also for the town as a whole. There were visitors from all over Northern Ireland, and also from the Republic, the USA and even Japan.”