Single mother left stunned after liquid damages car

SINGLE mother-of-two has been left devastated after £800 worth of damage was caused to her car last week when a corrosive liquid was poured over her car.

Vandals used the corrosive liquid on the passenger side of Nicola Dickson's car as it was parked in at Windermere Road.

The door, window and part of the bonnet were also damaged in the attack last Wednesday night.

It was her seven-year-old son who first noticed the damage on Thursday morning as he attempted to get into the car to go to school. He told his mother there was a mess on her car and at first Nicola thought it was just bird droppings.

"I was totally devastated," she said. "I could not believe it. You could still see the paint bubbling. It seemed that some sort of corrosive substance that was causing severe damage to the paintwork. The entire car needs to be re-sprayed. Other cars were also damaged but not as severely.

"My son was very lucky that he didn't touch the substance.

"He had put his hand on the door handle so he was very lucky."

Nicola said she has spoken to two other neighbours whose cars were also attacked.

The company dealing with her car repair believes that paint stripper was used.

"They told me that if anything else was used it would have damaged the glass," she said

"The problem is that though I am fully comprehensive, I still have to pay 150 excess plus my premiums will go up. A neighbour I was speaking to said that she has only recently got her car.

"I rely on my car. I am a single mother and have to bring my children to school. I also have a part-time job with a local estate agents and am currently doing a surveying degree at Jordanstown.

"It has left me and my children Kayley (11) and Jac (7) annoyed. I have been unable to sleep. If I hear any noise at night it makes me jump. It has also affected my little boy. He is very nervous."

Police in Lisburn made house to house enquiries and say that they are investigating the incident.