Sinn Fein '˜Brexit' motion at council voted down by unionists

Not only will Craigavon suffer but the entire island of Ireland will suffer under Brexit. it has been claimed.
Gemma McGibbon (nee McKenna).Gemma McGibbon (nee McKenna).
Gemma McGibbon (nee McKenna).

Sinn Fén councillor Gemma McGibbon (née Mc Kenna) made the comment following a recent meeting of council where she proposed a motion on Brexit.

Cllr Mc Gibbon stated “It is already evident that citizens within the borough and indeed across the island will suffer under Brexit.

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“The average family car fuel bill has increased by £27 a month, their household heating bill has increased by £70 for 500 litres of oil. Shopping bills are increasing as both a result of inflation and higher costs to manufacturers. This is only a small indication of what is to come if the British government drags us all out of the EU.”

Ms McGibbon added: “The majority of people in the North voted to remain. They do not want to leave the EU or to see a hard border returned to the island of Ireland.

“The democratic will of the people of the North of Ireland must be respected by the British government and protected by the Irish Government. Sinn Fén as a party will continue to challenge Brexit and represent the will of the people.”

Commenting on the motion being defeated due to unionist parties voting against it, Ms McGibbon stated: “The motion sought to begin engagement with relevant stakeholders, highlighting the extent of our concerns in relation to the impact of Brexit. As elected representatives, as civic leaders, we have a duty to take steps to try and protect our citizens. It is disappointing but not surprising that unionist parties did not offer their support to the motion. Brexit will affect everyone. Our party will continue to lobby on this issue.”