Sinn Fein seek Post Office assurance

Sinn Féin Banbridge spokesperson Kevin Savage has called for assurances on the delivery of Post Office Services and in particular frontline counter services in rural communities.

Mr Savage was speaking after his party was contacted by concerned employees in the aftermath of the announcement of 1600 redundancies.

Mr Savage said: “Sinn Féin was contacted by concerned employees after the parent company in England announced it intended to lay off 1600 workers of various levels.

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“We will be requesting details of the exact number involved here and what effect this will have on frontline services particularly in rural communities.”

He continued: “We warned at the time of privatisation that it would result in job losses in order to maximise profits for shareholders. It would seem that this is the beginning of that process.

“Coming in the wake of the recent announcement of the loss of 300 jobs at the DVA any redundancies at Post Offices will be a further blow to our struggling economy.”

Mr Savage concluded: “Both the DVA job losses and now the expected Post Office redundancies are a direct result of Tory government policies and the failure of successive DUP Finance and Investment Ministers to accept the reality that decisions taken by London financial mandarins whether in the public or private sectors are never taken in the best interests of local people.”