Skies will clear gently leaving the mind at rest

“The peace of God which surpasses every thought will guard thee.” PHIL 4:7

Unseen love surrounds you each passing moment

Though you may feel all hope is gone;

In the footsteps of winter, sunlight falls,

Don’t lose heart, keep bravely on.

Those looking upward will somehow find

No matter how much they deplore,

The grateful heart always will be mindful

Of something to thank the Lord for.

And hearts that are thankful travel lightly,

Manage a smile whatever the test,

Assured clouds will pass and skies will clear,

Gently leaving the mind at rest.

Though now you cannot see a path of blue,

Withdraw and leave it all in the hand

Of the One who knows what’s best for you -

Enough at present to understand.

Doreen Craig