Snake found on Ballymena street

Even the legendary Indiana Jones can’t compare to Ballymena-based Traffic Attendant, Stevie Fullerton who was unrattled when he came in contact with a slithery creature this morning!

While on his town beat this morning Stevie discovered a snake slithering about on the ground at Albert Place.

Now, as we all know, Indiana just plain hates snakes of all descriptions but the creature held no fears for Stevie.

At the same time as he spotted the snake, a local lady was just leaving her house and let out a scream of horror. Stevie was able to calm her down and take control of the situation as he had previous knowledge of snakes as he kept some as pets.

He was able to reassure her it was a harmless ‘corn snake’ which are non poisonous and have a very docile nature and are reluctant to bite. Needless to say the lady didn’t believe Stevie and quickly went inside and locked her door!

Stevie picked up the snake and placed it in a ‘pillow slip’ (which the lady passed out the letterbox) and returned to base where Supervisor Robert Hawkins contacted the PSNI. It is now safely locked up waiting collection.