Spoilt little tantrum thrower: Fine and sentence

A ‘spoilt little tantrum thrower’ who told a police officer to “get out of my country” was given a four-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and £100 fine on public order charges when he appeared at Londonderry Magistrates Court.

In the dock was Michael McMahon (24), of Upper Meadows Street, Belfast, who pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour, assaulting and resisting police, possessing a medicinal product without prescription and possessing cannabis on November 10, last year.

Police were called to a domestic incident at Moore Street where McMahon was found in possession of a cannabis joint and he was searched and arrested.

The court heard McMahon began screaming and shouting at the officers and said “are you f------ English? Get the f--- out of my country”.

Lunging, he head butted one of the officers, causing a laceration above the officer’s right eye.

McMahon was searched while in police custody and was found with class C tablets.

Defence counsel Ciaran Roddy said it was the perfect example of how not to behave when apprehended by police.

“It is clearly harmful to the community and is to be deplored in every way, shape and form,” Mr Roddy said.

He said his client was aware that alcohol misuse was causing him to commit offences and he needed help for that.

Passing sentence, District Judge Barney McElholm said the defendant blamed everyone else for everything that was wrong in his life and even blamed the police for turning up.

“He has a totally unrealistic view of the way things happen in life,” he said.

Imposing penatly, he said McMahon was a “spoilt little tantrum thrower” and warned him if he came back before the court for similar offences he would go straight to prison.