Stark reminder of how dangerous farming can be

ULSTER Unionist Agriculture and Rural Development spokesperson and local MLA Jo-Anne Dobson has expressed her deep sadness following the tragic accident.

Jo-Anne, whose husband is a farmer, said: “For one member of a family to be lost in such tragic circumstances is devastating, but for three men to die like this cannot be put adequately into words.

“Farming families rely on tight bonds of love and we hear in an act of true love, that when they got into difficulties they were trying desperately to help one another.

“Farmers are a tight-knit community and I know from the many phone calls my family received over the weekend that they are grieving too. As a member of a farming family I cannot help but think that it could so easily have been a neighbouring farmer or even a member of my family and I am sure that farmers across Northern Ireland will be having those same thoughts.

“Tragic accidents like this stand as a stark reminder of just how dangerous farming can be and are devastating for the families affected.

“My thoughts and prayers at this time are with the Spence family and I send my profound sympathies to their friends and wider family circle.”