Starving kitten rescued from death

BALLYMENA’S William Street was the setting last week for a dramatic rescue involving the town’s PSNI - and one very skinny, scared little kitten.

The police operation was sparked by local student Ross Wylie who noticed a tiny cat trapped inside a vacant building.

Ross, who was on a break from training at Rutledge on Thomas Street at the time, said: “I was just going to the shop and I noticed this wee thing up against a window of the house which was up for let across the street.

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“It was scratching at the window wanting out so I rang round everyone I could think of and the USPCA suggested I rang the police.

They were there within about five minutes.

“They searched the building to see if there was anything else inside and found the mother and three other kittens upstairs dead”.

Ross, (18), who is studying Health and Social Care, didn’t have to think twice about adopting the sole survivor of that tragic litter.

He immediately took his miraculous feline find home.

Now named ‘Ruffles’, it has very quickly settled in with his family and their other pets, a bird and a dog.

“Ruffles was a bit vicious at first because it was so weak and hungry but now it’s as strong as anything and is running around like a real little rascal!,” said Ross.