Stevenson thanks the community, family and friends over his election

Ian StevensonIan Stevenson
Ian Stevenson
Councillor Ian Stevenson has wished to thank everyone following his election to the new Causeway council.

In his statement to the Times, Cllr Stevenson said: “I would like first and foremost to give thanks to God for my election and for His sovereign hand in all things. I would also like to thank all those who deemed me worthy in their hearts to vote for me from all across Ballymoney.

“I hope I can continue to be worthy of their respect and sincerely appreciate this very much. I also am grateful to all those who have seen, acknowledged, valued and not forgotten the hard work and improvements that this DUP controlled council has carried out across the borough and placed their trust in the DUP to continue with these. My thanks go to the deputy returning officer and all who helped in the carrying out of the democratic process in this significant election and to those who took the time to exercise their vote, acknowledging the sacrifice given to have it and showing their wish to have a say in how to they want the place they live to be.

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“More personally I want to thank my family for their help in the campaign, be it in putting up of posters, which as always have been taken down within two days of the election, or in labelling literature and canvassing of 1875 houses. I am also thankful to those who prepared the literature and for the other loyal and invaluable help I received when knocking the doors. I will remember all of this as long as I live.

“Elections, by their nature, bring winners and losers and, while being a winner and glad to be so, I would like to wish those who unsuccessfully fought a campaign and gave so much well in the good they go on to do. I will do my utmost to honour my pre election pledges, all of which I have kept during each term from 2001 up to this point, including even more infrastructural projects and efficient rates, in which the DUP has, I believe, an insurpassable record of delivery on Ballymoney council.”

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