Strathfoyle ‘glassing’accused ‘too dangerous’ for dock

A judge had to go into the cells for the appearance of a man accused of grevious bodily harm because it was ‘too dangerous’ for prison officers to bring him into the dock.

34 year old Barry Gordon Whittle.
34 year old Barry Gordon Whittle.
34 year old Barry Gordon Whittle.

Londonderry Magistrates Court heard that 34-year-old Barry Gordon Whittle tried to attack prison officers every time they attempted to bring him out of the cell.

Whittle, of Clareen Drive, is charged with grievous bodily harm with intent on November 27.

The charge relates to an alleged incident in the Strathfoyle area.

The hearing was held in the cells in the absence of the media.

District Judge Barney McElholm then gave an account of the bail application for the record.

It is alleged the 34-year-old ‘glassed’ a man during an incident in the early hours of November 27.

Police attended and the alleged injured party had ‘serious injuries’ to his head.

Whittle had also sustained injuries and he made a counter allegation that he had been attacked with a crow bar by the complainant.

The alleged injured party claimed he had been glassed before a fight broke out and he defended himself.

The judge heard that the 34-year-old is on bail accused of two other serious assaults and has a history of breaching bail.

Bail was opposed by police because the complainant and witnesses live close to Whittle.

Judge McElholm said he deemed Whittle an unsuitable candidate for bail and remanded him in custody.

The defendant will appear in court again via videolink on December 17.