Stunning aurora illuminates Mussenden Temple

This brilliant photograph shows the ‘Northern Lights’ illuminating the horizon, on a wonderfully bright night at Downhill.

It is reproduced courtesy of Martin McKenna, whose terrific photos of many eartly and atronomical phenomenon can be seen on his website, The stunning aurora outburst over Mussenden Temple was captured by Martin last Wednesday night.

Co Londonderry man, Martin says: “I can trace a single point back in time that marked the beginning of my observing life, during a very cold frosty night in December I recall standing on top of the large oil tank located behind my house. I was watching the sky intensely but I had no idea why I was doing it, then it hit me - I decided then and there that I wanted to know the entire night sky entirely by heart - in fact, I recall thinking that I wanted to know the sky so well that if a faint star suddenly appeared in the sky then I would be able to detect it immediately!

“That night I promised myself that I would visit my local library the following day and acquire the information I needed to begin my journey among the stars.”

He adds: “I love astronomy and the night sky however the general idea behind the site is to convey my passion for the stars to others and share it openly and honestly with everyone.

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