‘Stupid’ youths play chicken with traffic

YOUNG people “playing chicken” by running out in front of traffic at Carnlough have been urged to quit before their “stupid and dangerous” antics cause a tragedy.

The Larne Tmes has learned that youths, having hidden in a layby at South Bay, have run on to the road as oncoming vehicles approach.

“They’re not from the village, but staying at the caravan park,” said a local.

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“They gather in the layby in the evenings and wait for cars, then they run out at the very last moment. I know one man who said it gave him the fright of his life when one of them ran out and back to the layby again. It was dark at the time and he said there was nothing he could have done if whoever it was hadn’t got out of the way.

“Nobody has been hurt yet, but it would only take one of them to trip or fall in front of a car and somebody will be killed or badly injured,” he added.

Contacted about the claim, the PSNI said they had not received any reports, but added: “We are naturally concerned for the safety of motorists who may have to take action to avoid the young people who have chosen to engage in this stupid and dangerous activity.”

A spokesman warned: “Playing chicken is a pursuit that can only end in tears, and it is important that parents make sure that their children are not risking their lives in such a reckless fashion.

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“Not only are those involved putting their own lives at risk, but the lives of motorists who may have to take evasive action to avoid someone partaking in this type of behaviour.

“Anyone found to be engaged in this type of activity should expect face prosecution.”

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