Suicide victim's family host fundraising event

A fundraising night is being held this weekend to raise awareness for mental health problems in memory of a Lisburn man who took his own life.

Matthew McKibbon committed suicide last year.

The event is being held in St Patrick’s Parish Church Hall, Lisburn on Saturday night starting at 8pm. Tickets are £5 and all proceeds going towards Horizons Awareness for Suicide.

Matthew McKibbon committed suicide in September last year, he left behind his partner Angie and their four children all under the age of ten.

With the anniversary of Matthew’s death approaching, his mum Ligouri, family and friends have decided to hold a fundraising night to raise awareness about suicide and also celebrate his life.

Speaking to the Star, Angela said they wanted to bring some good out of this tragic event by raising money and awareness for a local charity.

She said: “I just wanted there to be somewhere people can go and talk. I have heard of horizons after a friend passed away.

“Horizon based here in Lisburn, it’s closer to home. I just want people to know there are places where they can go and talk.

“This charity also provide help for families who don’t know what to do next. It’s hard to get people to see that they can get help, I think this will be good for Lisburn because it is raising awareness of the work they do.

“(We want to) Raise awareness especially for people who have kids, what I have had to go through with questions from the kids.

“One of my girls asked was it her fault. She doesn’t understand deep down what has happened yet.”

Angela said that Matthew’s death came as a complete shock to family and friends because despite having had issues in the past, he seemed to be in a good place in his life.

She added: “Matthew had been in lower places this was completely out of the blue because we had seen him worse.

“He was working and getting on with his life, a changed person from what he used to be, he had turned a corner completely.”

Angela urged anyone feeling depressed to talk to someone about their feelings, she said: “Please tell people how you are feeling, people are out there to listen and people do love you.”

A Facebook event has been set up containing details about the event click here.