Support for relatives of the disappeared

ALDERMAN George Robinson has gave his "genuine support" to the families of the disappeared at Stormont.

Speaking on Tuesday in the Assembly about the 'disappeared' victims the DUP MLA says he would like to see the "torment" being suffered by families ended.

Alderman Robinson said: "Firstly, I want to express my genuine support for the families who are still waiting for the return of their loved ones after many years. They deserve to have their torment lifted and their loved ones returned to them in a dignified way. This topic has been much in the news recently, as some families have been able to lay their loved ones to rest. It is long overdue that the remains of the disappeared are returned to their loved ones for a dignified burial. That is the right and decent course of action after the pain that was inflicted on the victims, as well as their grieving families."

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"I cannot even begin to understand the torment that those families have suffered, some for as long as 38 years, but I want to see it ended. There are nine families who are desperate for the opportunity to say a dignified farewell to a family member who was taken from them and murdered by cowards. In the interests of human decency, those victims must be returned to their loved ones.

There are families that are still in a state of limbo about the whereabouts of their loved ones after almost four decades. What a shame. What a disgrace. After all, the disappeared were human beings, as are their relatives."

The East Londonderry representative called on anyone with information on the location of the victim's remains to "bring it forward in confidence".

The Assembly member stated; "The information does not have to be given to the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains, but I urge anyone with knowledge about the location of even one of the disappeared to make sure that the information is provided to a reliable person, organisation, or the police.

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"The Assembly must not forget that some terrorist victims have been kept from their families deliberately. Is that not another form of terror to help control the people of a particular area?

"I hope that the motion is passed unanimously so that the families of the disappeared will see that they have not been forgotten. I fully support the motion".

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