Suspected cocaine found near doctor's surgery in Lurgan

Police have seized £2.5k worth of suspected cocaine found near a doctor's surgery in Lurgan today.

Suspected cocaine found in Lurgan
Suspected cocaine found in Lurgan
Suspected cocaine found in Lurgan

And the PSNI urged the drug dealers who ‘lost’ their supply to come and visit them about the drugs.

They also praised the ‘decent’ member of the public who alerted police to the drugs stash which was discovered close to Wynne Hill Surgery.

In an interesting message on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook page, police sent the drug’s owners a pointed message:

“Hey, Lurgan drug dealers!

“Have you got that sinking feeling? That feeling of despair? Have you now got significant financial worries and trying to work out how to replace your £2.5k worth of product that you lost?

“Good! Now you’re beginning to feel a bit of the pain your death dealing causes families with the lives and families you ruin.

“ANYWAY, a bit of good news for you- we’ve found your cocaine. It does appear that your supplier sold you a bit short though. You thought you’d bought 50 grams didn’t you? Sneaky supplier, cutting a couple of grams off! Tsk tsk, have they no honour?!

“If you’d like your gear back, call into Lurgan station and we’d be only too glad to talk to you about it. Lets be honest about this- and you can curse us up and down as much as you like- you now owe someone a lot of money that you don’t have. That’s going to cause you some problems, and potentially leave you with a very sore face, at best.

“Why not call in and tell us about those worries? We can’t make this little lot go away, but we can help you when the bigger, badder, uglier goons than even yourself come knocking at...or through...your door. That will be one awkward conversation.

“Your choice. Whatever you decide though, in future, please don’t leave this junk lying around on the street, especially near a Doctors surgery. Thankfully, a DECENT member of the public alerted us to this, rather than leaving it for a child to come across and pick up, or a family pet to lick.

“If you know who is dealing, or better still supplying the dealers- call us on 101, or speak completely anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”