Social housing builds must be accelerated – Sugden

East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden has called for the building of new social housing in the constituency to be accelerated in order to meet growing demand.

More than 1,000 homes are needed in the local social housing sector, while only 154 are under construction. Minister for Communities Deidre Hargey confirmed the figures following an Assembly question from Ms Sugden.

“Housing pressure is an issue affecting a huge number of people locally,” Ms Sugden said.

“While this need extends beyond social housing, this is an issue the Executive needs to tackle head-on to help those in most need.

“The work currently underway clearly needs to be boosted in order that the need is met with real homes. The need for more than 1,000 homes in East Londonderry by 2025 is not going to be met with the efforts currently being made.”

Ms Sugden urged the minister to ensure planned developments were completed, and that more was done to identify and progress more social housing in the areas most in need.

“This is a situation that will continue to worsen if investment is not prioritised and a commitment to resolving housing need is not made,” Ms Sugden continued.

“The people of East Londonderry need reassurance that they are being listened to and that they will be able to live and raise families in their home towns in years to come.”