Ten new faces in Council chambers

TEN new faces enter council chambers in Ballymoney and Ballycastle after the Local Government Elections, writes Nevin Farrell.

Of the 15 seats in Moyle, almost half - seven - will be new boys and girls while in the 16-seat Ballymoney Borough Council there are three new public representatives.

The new faces in Moyle are: Joan Baird (UUP); Donal Cunningham (SDLP); Colum Thompson (Independent); Noreen McAllister (Sinn Fein); Margaret McKillop (SF); Sandra Hunter (UUP) and Sharon McKillop (TUV).

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And Moyle has the highest percentage of women representatives of any council in Northern Ireland - seven out of 15 - working out at 46.66 per cent.

The new representatives in Ballymoney are Jason Atkinson (DUP); Iain McAfee (Independent) and William Blair (TUV).

There were a few high profile casualties in the Ballymoney Borough in the shape of James Simpson (UUP) and Malachy McCamphill (SDLP) while in Moyle George Hartin of the DUP lost his seat as did former Ulster Unionist Helen Harding who was de-selected by the party and she ran as an Independent.

Previous councillors who did not seek re-election in Moyle were Madeline Black (SDLP); Cathal Newcombe (Sinn Fein); Orla Black (SDLP); Oliver McMullan (Sinn Fein) and Price McConaghy (Independent) and in Ballymoney TUV councillor Audrey Patterson and Daithi McKay (SF) did not stand.

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With some wards in the Glens electoral area transferring to East Antrim for the Assembly Election, Oliver McMullan stood there and won a seat to the Assembly and he also won a seat on Larne Council.

In Ballymoney, out of the 16 seats, the DUP secured half which means they effectively have control of the Council with most observers saying it is unlikely he rest of the parties, including the TUV and Sinn Fein, will team up on individual issues.

In Moyle no party has overall control but with at least three of the four Independents having fairly strong nationalist leanings if they vote with the SDLP and Sinn Fein it would mean nationalists could win debates on an 8-7 majority.

The arrival of the TUV in Moyle in the shape of Sharon McKillop will be interesting and Independent Iain McAfee in Ballymoney is sure to make a lively contribution.

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The biggest personal vote of the day across Ballymoney and Moyle went to Mervyn Storey who racked up over 1,000 while John Finlay was not far behind with over 900.

Candidates who narrowly lost out included Independents Kevin McAuley and Derwyn Brewster with Brewster falling to Sharon McKillop who obtained more transfers from the DUP than him.


Make-up of new Council (16 seats) - DUP - 8; Sinn Fein - 3; Ulster Unionists - 2; SDLP - 1; TUV - 1; Independent - 1.

Bann Valley - Total Votes Cast: 5,104; Spoiled Votes: 123; Valid Votes: 4,891; Turnout: 59.18 per cent; Quota - 699.

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Elected (6 seats): John Finlay (DUP); Philip McGuigan (Sinn Fein); Robert Halliday (DUP) Jason Atkinson (DUP); Cathal McLaughlin (Sinn Fein); William Blair (TUV).

First preference votes: John Finlay (DUP) 905; Philip McGuigan (SF) 876; Jason Atkinson (DUP) 591; Robert Halliday (DUP) 573; Cathal McLaughlin (SF) 443; William Blair (TUV) 440; Malachy McCamphill (SDLP) 373; Leanne Peacock (SF) 345; Steven Phillips (UUP) 345.

Bushvale - Total Votes Cast: 3,508; Spoiled Votes: 50; Valid Votes: 3,458; Turnout: 56.62 per cent; Quota - 577. Elected (5 seats): Evelyne Robinson (DUP); Frank Campbell (DUP); Bill Kennedy (Ulster Unionist); Anita Cavlan (Sinn Fein); Harry Connolly (SDLP).

First preference votes: Evelyne Robinson (DUP) 767; Frank Campbell (DUP) 599; Bill Kennedy (UUP) 532; Anita Cavlan (SF) 504; Harry Connolly (SDLP) 454; Willie Johnston (UUP) 224; Peter Deans (TUV) 202; Jimmy Gaston (SF) 176.

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Ballymoney Town - Total Votes Cast: 3,149; Spoiled Votes: 59; Valid Votes: 3,090; Turnout: 47.89 per cent; Quota - 516. Elected (5 seats): Mervyn Storey (DUP); Ian Stevenson (DUP); Cecil Cousley (DUP); Tom McKeown (Ulster Unionist) Iain McAfee (Independent).

First preference votes: Mervyn Storey (DUP) 1,090; Iain McAfee (Independent) 347; Daniel Hendrie (SDLP) 306; Tom McKeown (UUP) 276; Cecil Cousley (DUP) 271; Ian Stevenson (DUP) 238; Billy Kerr (TUV) 228; James Simpson (UUP) 186; Brian Kelly (DUP) 148.


Make-up of new Council (15 seats) - Independents - 4; Sinn Fein - 3; UUP - 3; DUP - 2; SDLP - 2; TUV - 1.

Ballycastle - Total Votes Cast - 2,363; 38 spoiled votes; 2,325 valid votes, quota - 388. Turnout - 55.18 per cent.

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Elected (5 seats): Padraig McShane (Ind); Cara McShane (SF); Donal Cunningham (SDLP); Joan Baird (Ulster Unionists); Seamus Blaney (Ind).

First preference votes: Padraig McShane (Ind) - 535; Cara McShane (SF) - 405; Donal Cunningham (SDLP) - 395; Joan Baird (UUP) - 270; Kevin McAuley (Ind) - 230; Seamus Blaney (Ind) - 207; Christina McFaul (DUP) - 129; Paul Hamilton (SF) - 83; Helen Harding (Ind) - 71.

The Glens - Votes Cast - 2,546; 42 spoiled votes; 2,504 valid votes, quota - 418; Turnout - 58.77 per cent.

Elected (5 seats) - Colum Thompson (Ind); Catherine McCambridge (SDLP); Margaret McKillop (SF); Noreen McAllister (SF); Randal McDonnell (Independent).

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First preference votes - Colum Thompson (Ind) - 466; Margaret McKillop (SF)- 330; Justin McCamphill (SDLP) - 321; Catherine McCambridge (SDLP)- 320; Randal McDonnell (Ind) - 319; Noreen McAllister (SF) - 297; Kieran Mulholland (SF) - 266; Walter Greer (DUP) - 185.

Giant’s Causeway - Votes Cast - 1,655; spoiled votes - 41; valid vote - 1,614. Quota - 270. Turnout - 54.08 per cent.

Elected (5 seats) - Sandra Hunter (UUP) Robert McIlroy (DUP); Willie Graham (UUP); Davy McAllister (DUP); Sharon McKillop (TUV).

First preference votes: Sandra Hunter (UUP) - 273; David McAllister (DUP) - 247; Robert McIlroy (DUP) - 243; Willie Graham (UUP) - 233; Derwyn Brewster (Ind) - 170; Sharon McKillop (TUV) - 164; George Hartin (DUP) - 150; Jacqui McVicker (UUP) - 133.

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