The Priests album Alleliua to be re-released in time for Easter

Finaghy Parish Priest Fr David Delargy, who along with Fr Martin and Eugene O'Hagan make up '˜The Priests,' will be re-releasing their album '˜Alleluia' in time, for Easter.
Singing  Priests  Fr. Eugene O'Hagan , Fr David Delargy and  Fr. Martin O'Hagan.Singing  Priests  Fr. Eugene O'Hagan , Fr David Delargy and  Fr. Martin O'Hagan.
Singing Priests Fr. Eugene O'Hagan , Fr David Delargy and Fr. Martin O'Hagan.

‘The Priests’ were catapulted to fame when they signed with Sony BMG in 2008 and have since collected gold and platinum discs from Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, France, Norway, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for their many albums.

One minute they were making their way to isolated farms to meet members of their local community, the next they were being flown to St Peter’s Basilica, to record at The Vatican.

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A film based on their lives, provisionally called ‘Raising the Roof,’ is currently in pre-production in Hollywood and ‘The Priests’ even got to meet their idol Lady Gaga.

‘The Priests’ first album was released in more than 30 countries and set a record for the fastest-selling classical debut album. They have collected gold and platinum discs across three continents ever since.

David, now Sparish priest at Michael the Archangel Parish, Finaghy. said: “We were very busy the first couple of years, recording and releasing those albums. The albums were released internationally which meant there was a lot of travel, which took us around the world.

“It was all very exciting. Sony invested a lot of money in the project and they were giving us the full celebrity treatment with lots of nice hotels.

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“It was very interesting and pleasant but very demanding and tiring as well. We were trying to make sure all our duties in the parish were covered. After three albums, we decided it was time to reduce our travelling and spend more time in our parishes.”

He said of the new album which will be re-released by Easter, “We are delighted that we have the opportunity to record a new album. The last one was 2010, so it’s been a while. “The whole process of trying to identify suitable music and get the creative juices flowing and arrange it so that it’s suitable for us is very stimulating.

“It’s been very good fun to be back in the recording studio. We come to it now with a good bit of experience behind us. We are more relaxed about it, there’s not the same novelty, now we just enjoy it.”

David said the fame has never gone to his head. He said: “We’ve tried to be ourselves and to be natural and I think maybe that has given people a different perception of religion than they might have been used to, and a positive one I hope. But we haven’t set out with an agenda to do that.

“That wasn’t part of our thinking. If that’s happened, it’s good, but it’s not been part of our process.”

‘The Priests’ fourth album will be released in October.