The Sofley triplets were born on a special day

THE Sofley family from Lisburn is celebrating the birth of three healthy babies who have a very special birth date.

The triplets were born on December 12, 2012 or as many people like to say, 12/12/12. Their due date wasn’t until February 5, but on Wednesday the baby boys gave their parents an early Christmas gift.

The boys were delivered by caesarean section after 32 weeks and one day gestation in the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital by a team of 18 medical staff including consultants, doctors, Midwives and nurses

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Eight weeks premature Dylan Ray was born at 2.40pm at 3lbs 6oz, Joshua Zak at 2.41pm at 3lbs and Tyler Jon at 2.43pm at 3lbs 6oz.

It’s understood, although yet to be confirmed, that the boys are ‘monozygotic’ or in other words completely identical. Apart from being born on this unique date the fact that they were naturally conceived identical triplets makes the odds of this happening a staggering 1 in 200 million

Proud father Brian Sofley said he and his wife Francesca and the boys’ sister Rachel are excited by the early arrival.

Talking about the boys’ arrival Brian said: “I believe that they are the only same sex triplets to have been born on 12/12/12 with two other sets of triplets born that day – two girls and one boy in South Dakota and two boys and one girl in New Delhi.

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Brian who lives off the Pond Park Road in Lisburn continued: “All babies are doing very well and are being well looked after in the neo-natal ward of the RVH. We are just thankful to have them here safely.”

Brian and Francesca would like to thank everyone for their prayers, support, messages of congratulations and gifts for them and their sons.

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