Thompson hopes to race again in August

Determined road racer Stephen Thompson from Crumlin who lost his arm following a horrific crash at the North West last year, is planning to race again in August.

Stephen Thompson (38) has vowed to make the comeback to road racing despite losing an arm.

Remarkably he hopes the prosthetic arm which will be fitted by the new year, will help him achieve that goal and help him get back on a bike next August.

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Thompson, who sustained a collapsed lung, bleeding on the brain and multiple fractures, has already undergone 11 operations and faces more surgery.

Thompson who competed on the international road racing circuit for more than a decade and has had a number of top-10 finishes at the Macau Grand Prix including sixth place in 2008.

“A lot of people maybe don’t like it but I want to race again. It’s going to be a different way of racing with a prosthetic arm on,” Thompson told the BBC.

“You get one life and racing is where I enjoy myself, it makes me happy.”

The accident occured last May when Stephen tried to avoid a fallen rider during the North West between York Corner and Mill Road Roundabout.

Three other riders were involved in the accident and a woman spectator was also hit.

He suffered a collapsed lung, bleeding to the brain, brachial plexus injury, broken left forearm and shattered hand.

His forearm was plated and a cage was put around the hand, whereby it was pinned and wired.

A fund was then set up to raise money to help aid Thompson’s treatment.

Liechtenstein rider Horst Saigar sustained a broken arm in the crash.

Thompson who has no recollection of the accident which happened in the opening Superstock race, which left him critically ill.

He said he doesn’t know just how far he will go.

He said, “I don’t know how competitive I’m going to be be. I’ll know from my lap times. I’ll practice.”

Stephen said that he had no memory of the accident.

“I don’t know if I’ve come to terms with losing the arm and I don’t like showing it,” added Thompson.

“You just want to be fit now and even listening to the racing or watching it eats me up, it pushes me on on to make myself better.

“I’ll push myself as far as I can.

“It’s the racer in me - we are all determined and I’ll do what it takes.”